The Terrible Effects of Smoking During Pregnancy

The hidden dangers to your unborn child is you smoke during pregnancy.

Smoking while pregnant puts the unborn child at risk and many women know this. They may not know, however, the full extent of that risk. There is a long list of possible risks and consequences for a baby whose mother smoked while pregnant. Not only that, but even inhaling second hand smoke will have negative effects on a fetus. It becomes more about protecting your unborn child than just protecting yourself. There are very many safe methods to use to quit smoking, as well as support systems in place even if you are not directly supported at home. The following is information on the devastating effects smoking while pregnant can have on your child.

Smoking during pregnancy can lead to your child’s death. SIDS is more common in children exposed to the dangers of second hand smoke. SIDS is defined as the sudden death of a child who is less than a year old with no apparent cause of death. Obviously, this is an extremely serious risk for smoking pregnant mothers to take. Education and awareness could go a long way to helping the situation and if more women were made aware of the risks, they might be more willing to quit. One very common problem caused by a mother smoking during pregnancy is low birth weight in their newborn baby. Then, there are additional complications that can arise from low birth weight. It is a proven fact that more than 20 percent of all babies born nationally are born with low birth weight conditions. Smoking during pregnancy is also known to cause preterm labor in some women. One study shows a 14% likelihood of preterm delivery caused by smoking. Infant mortality can be attributed to smoking during pregnancy including SIDS. The truth of this statistic has been proven by the American Lung Association.

You will see there are many other risks too that are associated with smoking while pregnant. You may not realize that a good number of mental retardation, learning disabilities and even cerebral palsy have been linked to preterm smoking. Sudden infant death is the biggest risk of smoking while pregnant.

You can eliminate the common problems associated with smoking during pregnancy if you take action to quit smoking. This situation is pretty black and white. If you need additional motivation then you should do more reading and learn more about all that can possibly happen to your baby. The list includes infant death, still births, and a higher risk of SIDS. The evidence shows just how extremely harmful smoking while pregnant is for your baby.


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